Global Opportunities

Many of our employees take advantage of opportunities to work abroad.

We’re global. That means a world of opportunities.

Are you interested in working in another part of the world? With offices in Canada, the United States and Asia, you can take your career global at Manulife.

Find your next global opportunity at Manulife

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When you take your career to a new city, country or continent, you’ll deepen your expertise in your field by applying it in a new market. You’ll also gain new skills and local knowledge, as well as insight into how our Company operates globally, all of which can help you enhance your career development.

As a Manulife employee, you can explore cross-divisional, cross-functional and geographically diverse roles that will foster leadership competencies such as a global mindset, collaboration and influence. These opportunities can take many forms — short-term and long-term assignments, rotational programs, formal or voluntary, permanent relocation — and are available to employees at various levels throughout the organization.

Stephani Kingsmill“Manulife’s global footprint provides opportunities for employees to work in different locations and cultures to enhance their career development. Introducing employees to this kind of diversity allows them to leverage existing business experience and develop the skills to be the leaders of tomorrow.”

Stephani Kingsmill, EVP, Human Resources

Alvin Khoo is delighted with his move from Kuala Lumpur to Toronto.

Hear from our employees

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